Podcasting Word of the Week: Express

Who are you? When you get behind that microphone, are you speaking with your real voice? Or the voice you think your audience wants to hear?

This week’s word is EXPRESS..

Last week, we talked about the Love you should feel for your podcast and your audience. But true love only comes when we are willing to EXPRESS who we are to others.

What to Bring to a Podcasting Conference

What to Bring to a Podcasting Conference

If you’ve ever been to summer camp, you remember the first day back the next summer and seeing all your friends again after almost a year. Well, as a podcast, you get to relive that feeling at podcasting conferences!

I’m really not a workaholic, but I consider the conferences mini-vacations for me, which probably means I’m in the right profession, since work isn’t supposed to be this fun, right?

But if you’ve never been before, you may find yourself worried about what to pack and bring with you for your first. Here are some of my favorite items to bring when I go to podcasting conferences.

Podcasting Word of the Week: Grounding

Happy (belated) Groundhog’s Day! For those of us in the United States, we look at this day as an indication of the next few weeks ahead. Except that we’re depending on an animal seeing his shadow to predict this. Luckily, with the future of your podcast, you don’t need an animal’s shadow to predict that.

This week’s word is GROUNDING.

Last week, we talked about courage in podcasting and the week before that, we talked about dreaming, but this week, I want you to focus on grounding yourself.

Podcasting Word of the Week: Courage

Whether you’re just getting started with your podcast or you’ve been behind the microphone for years, it’s always scary when you put something out to the world.

Even if you’re a veteran podcaster, some little part of you may still get that jolt of panic as soon as you press Publish. So many “what ifs?” can come into our head in those milliseconds as we watch our show upload to the world.

This week’s word is COURAGE.

Podcasting Word of the Week: Dream

Do you remember the moment you first said, “Hey, I should start a podcast!”? Do you remember what that idea felt like? It wasn’t just an idea; it was a dream. A dream you may have already turned into reality.

This week’s word is DREAM.

Coinciding with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, today can be seen as a reminder of the dreams we all have, including yours.

Podcasting Word of the Week: Commit

Now that 2019 is underway, time to honor your intentions of making 2019 an amazing year for both you and your podcast!

This week’s word is COMMIT.

In last week’s post, we took some time to rejuvenate your podcast, as well as yourself. Hopefully you thought about what changes you wanted to make to your show and how you can come to your audience as fresh as possible.

Podcasting Word of the Week: Rejuvenate

Happy first Monday of the year! Now is the time to brainstorm all you want to accomplish with your podcast.

This week’s word is REJUVENATE.

You've let your past go with last week’s Word of the Week and now you're starting a new year! What are you going to do to rejuvenate yourself and your podcast?

Podcasting Word of the Week: Release

Happy new year, podcasters!

I’m excited to announce that this year, I’m starting a series on Instagram and on this blog of Words of the Week.

You may have heard of picking a word or three for the year to focus on. Last year, I picked “Nourish” and it really helped me slow down and ask myself if things were nourishing to me or if they were holding me back or dragging me down.

But I also found myself wanting more variety, so I decided in 2019, I would be doing a word of the week, and because I want to share these with you, I’ve decided to relate them to podcasting.

5 Things To Include in Your Podcast Intro & Outro (and 1 Thing You SHOULDN'T)

5 Things To Include in Your Podcast Intro & Outro (and 1 Thing You SHOULDN'T)

So you’re ready to start your podcast but … oh, what do you say?! Well, you know generally what you’re going to say. You have ideas for your episodes, but what do you say to get started? And how should you end the podcast?

Listen to a handful of podcasts, especially from different genres, and you’ll find a multitude of different ways to start a show. None of the suggestions below are set in stone, and people are coming in all the time to change how “things have always been done,” and that’s awesome. But for those just starting out and need just a little bit of guidance, here are what I look for in a podcast intro and outro.