Podcasting Word of the Week: Release

Happy new year, podcasters!

I’m excited to announce that this year, I’m starting a series on Instagram and on this blog of Words of the Week.

You may have heard of picking a word or three for the year to focus on. Last year, I picked “Nourish” and it really helped me slow down and ask myself if things were nourishing to me or if they were holding me back or dragging me down.

But I also found myself wanting more variety, so I decided in 2019, I would be doing a word of the week, and because I want to share these with you, I’ve decided to relate them to podcasting.


This week’s word is RELEASE.

I’ve been doing a lot of this in the past week, especially in the few days before the end of 2018. I cleaned my basement of four trash bags of garbage, four boxes of stuff to donate, and a ton of boxes we saved instead of breaking down and recycling (WHY?!). It felt amazing!

I’ve also been slowly purging my closet and dressers of clothes I’ve grown out of—I lost 40 pounds in 2019 and hope never to have a need for those clothes again!

So, getting back to podcasting, what can you release today and this week?

  • Duh, you can release an episode, of course. 😃

  • Release things about your podcast you don’t necessarily like. Let them go if they don’t serve you or you don’t have time for them or you’re too overwhelmed with everything else (goodbye, social media platform I’ve been adding content to that I was told would be the next big thing back in 2016!).

  • Release guilt over your podcast. You are on your own podcasting journey, you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else.

  • Release old equipment to someone who might need it.

  • Release embarrassment over a mistakes made. As long as you learn from them, they aren’t really “mistakes.”

  • Release tension when you’re podcasting. Did you know your audience can “hear” you smiling? If you’re distracted while podcasting or feeling overwhelmed, give yourself a moment or two to just release those feelings so you can give your audience the best version of yourself.

  • Release the need to fill silence. That’s the beauty of podcasts: You don’t have to fill silence. That’s what editing is for.

As you release, you are making room in your world. This room could be filled with more time for friends and family or some much needed relaxation and rest or it could be used to work on the most important part of your podcast: content!

What do you feel you can release this week with your podcast?

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