Podcasting Word of the Week: Rejuvenate

Happy first Monday of the year! Now is the time to brainstorm all you want to accomplish with your podcast.


This week’s word is REJUVENATE.

You've let your past go with last week’s Word of the Week and now you're starting a new year! What are you going to do to rejuvenate yourself and your podcast?

Go ahead and use that hashtag #NewYearNewYou if you want (or #NewYearNewPodcast, which I used recently).

If you’ve taken a break with your show, now’s the time to dust off that microphone and get back at it. But rejuvenate doesn’t just have to be for your show.

Are you feeling burnt out from your podcast? Even if podcasting is what you do to unwind or relax, podcasters still need to make sure they’re taking care of themselves an their health.

I used to have so many nights of staying up until the wee hours of the morning working on my show, just to have to catch a few hours of sleep before getting up and working full-time. I loved those nights, but they took their toll on me (and my family).

Make sure you’re taking the time to rejuvenate yourself, as wel.

Some things to think about or try this week:

  • Are you thinking of changing anything with your show this year?

  • Make new goals for your podcast for the year. (Psst! The Goal Setting Sheet for 2018 will work just as well for 2019!)

  • Does your show need a change? New cover art? New website? New Intro/outro? (By the way, I have a blog post about Intros and Outros, if you need ideas! 😉)

  • How are you coming back fresh for your audience? (Are you getting enough self-care?)

  • If you haven't started a podcast, is it something you'd like to try in 2019?

With the new year comes high energy to improve. Take advantage of it for yourself and your podcast this week!







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