Podcasting Word of the Week: Love

Being that this week includes Valentine’s Day, of course this week's Podcasting Word of the Week is Love! You've got to have Love for your podcast!


Last week, we talked about how grounding can help you stay focused on your goals ahead while realistically looking at where you are presently.

But since this week’s theme is love, allow yourself to fully let your imagination soar and your memory take you back to the first time you thought, “I should start a podcast” or the first time you press Publish on an episode.

When did you fall in love with podcasting?

Have you ever noticed when you love something or someone, you can't wait to talk about it to anyone who will listen? That enthusiasm has a way of being passed along to others.

If you’re excited about what you’re talking about, your audience will also be excited along with you.

Podcasters also have a way of endearing themselves to others without knowing it. Someone may be listening to your show and find your words are able to help them heal their heart or help them find love in the world or love and appreciate themselves a little more.

And, because love lifts us up where we belong, the love you show for your audience should lift them up in their lives in some way: Educating them, entertaining them, helping them grow, or simply connecting with them.

Some things to think about:

  • What do you love about your podcast?

  • How has your podcast touched others?

  • How are you showing your audience you love them?

  • How has your audience shown you they love you/your show?

So, are you still as in love with your podcast as you were when you started? Time to reconnect if you’re not. Now, it would be pretty difficult to take your podcast out for dinner, but you can always find a way to show your love to your audience.

Some ways to show them you care:

  • Giveaways

  • Shout-outs on the show

  • Shout-outs on social media

  • Reply personally to their emails and messages.

  • Look at a listener’s Instagram feed to see what sparks your fancy and let them know.

  • Old fashioned letters and cards in the mail. (Did you see my Instagram post about my Address Book for Super Listeners?)

  • Shooting a video and posting it to social media just to say hi and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day! (I’ll be doing this on my Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, and Twitter for my podcast The Story Behind.)

And don’t forget to show yourself some love and gratitude for all your hard work on your show. Happy Valentine’s Day!







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