Podcasting Word of the Week: Hope

Here in New England, we are pretty much DONE with winter. It was nice, but we’re getting restless. Sometimes, you may feel like this with your podcast, except instead of winter, it seems the work of putting out a show every week is never-ending.

So why do it?

One word: HOPE, which is this week’s podcasting word!


Last week, we talked about Wonder and how we can create that feeling for our listeners so they are excited about us and our podcast and/or business.

But what about those of us who feel like we can’t get to that level because we don’t have the interaction with our audience like that yet?

Hope-fully, by now you’ve heard that podcasting is a long-term game.

Right now, most of us are living in a society that Netflix has introduced to “binging” on entertainment. You may have heard that when someone finds a new podcast they like, they may listen to the entire back catalog. They can’t get enough! Your ideal listener may not have found you yet, and that’s OK! It’s important to stay hopeful they are out there.

Some things to think about:

  • Is there a podcast you listen to that you’ve never reached out to before, even though they’ve helped you? Leave them a review in your podcast app (if you can) or send them a nice email.

  • Can you remember a time you found something like a podcast or a TV show and listened to/watched all the episodes you’ve missed?

  • Are you putting a Call to Action in your podcast that encourages listeners to connect with you?

  • When it seems like you say the same thing every week, it can seem dull and boring. But repetition is very important for the passive activity of podcast-listening.

  • If you feel like you’re losing hope for your show, reach out to people who you trust and who listen to the show and ask them about their thoughts on the show. They may have noticed something you hadn’t about your show that may help.

  • Keep your ideal audience member in your head when you record and edit. They may be waiting in anticipation of that notification on their phone to let them know a new episode has dropped. Or, maybe today will be the day your ideal listener finds your show and binge-listens to everything you’ve ever recorded!

Even all those weeks you felt no one listened, remember that someone may find you weeks, months, even years from now and really enjoy that episode.

Yes, your current audience is extremely important, and they should be cherished. But remember when you’re creating your show, there is someone out there who is your perfect listener (or client), and they are waiting to find a show just like yours.

So, never give up HOPE!







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