Podcasting Word of the Week: Express

Who are you? When you get behind that microphone, are you speaking with your real voice? Or the voice you think your audience wants to hear?

This week’s word is EXPRESS..


Last week, we talked about the Love you should feel for your podcast and your audience. But true love only comes when we are willing to EXPRESS who we are to others.

Part of that Know, Like, and Trust factor you hear about in any sort of marketing capacity comes down to expressing who you are in order for the Know part to start a domino effect with the other two.

But if you’re out there trying to be someone else or feeling like you have to market your show or even produce your show like someone else, you may find short-term success. BUT, you’ll lose out on long-term success because sooner or later, the real you is going to come out.

Be honest with yourself and your audience about who you are, what the intent of the show is, why you’re hoping they’ll find your show and adore it. Let them know you are a real, true person behind that cover art.

Some things to think about:

  • Are you being yourself on your podcast and online?

  • Are you being yourself when you market your podcast?

  • If a best friend or spouse heard your podcast, would they think it was a different “you”?

  • If a listener were to meet you in real life, could they walk away saying, “She’s just like she is on the podcast!”?

  • Are there parts of your personality or life you’re afraid your audience will find out and/or think less of you for?

Now, with that last one, I’m not saying you have to air your dirty laundry. But, for example, I have a history and trivia podcast. I am honest about the fact that I was not a history major in college nor am I an academic historian in any capacity. I cite my sources on the show and in my show notes, and I try not to make definitive statements if I’m unsure about something.

I also like to let my audience in on a little of my personal life when it inspires episodes or when I do an episode on a favorite song.

In doing so, my audience knows I enjoy fun facts, trivia, pop history, pub trivia, and Yacht Rock.

Marketing can be tough for us introverts. We don’t want to seem pushy or annoy people. So sometimes it’s tough to express how excited we are when a new episode comes out.

Don’t give up and try to follow the huge marketing machines of others (in fact, many of those practices are icky anyway).

But when you express yourself, you put out feelers in the world for others like you to connect. And that’s how I felt when I found podcasts I loved.

So, in the words of the Immaculate Madonna, “Express yourself!"







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