Podcasting Word of the Week: Dream

Do you remember the moment you first said, “Hey, I should start a podcast!”? Do you remember what that idea felt like? It wasn’t just an idea; it was a dream. A dream you may have already turned into reality.


This week’s word is DREAM.

Coinciding with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, today can be seen as a reminder of the dreams we all have, including yours.

When you started your podcast, what did you dream it would bring you?

Maybe clients, maybe some fame, maybe connections, maybe some income ...

This week, it's time to think about those dreams and the steps you're taking to achieve them. Dreams don’t just come true because we wish for them; they come true because we work hard to turn those dreams into achievable goals.

Some things to think about:

  • Do you still have the same dreams for your podcast you did when you started?

  • What are your new dreams for your podcast?

  • Are you hosting the podcast of your dreams?

  • Is your podcast helping others with their dreams?

  • Who is the guest of your dreams and have you tried to reach out to them? (If you already have reached out but didn’t hear anything, try again this week!)

  • Have you found yourself podcast editing in your dreams? (Or is it just me?)

Maybe you have dreams that aren’t necessarily about your podcast. What steps are you taking to get to those? (One of my podcasting dreams from when I first started podcasting three years ago was to be a guest on Podcast Junkies. After three years, that dream came true a few weeks ago!)

Sometimes our dreams may not work out as we originally planned. I dreamed I would take my first podcast and make a network out of it with a bunch of similar shows (all hosted by me, of course). I realized when my co-host and I decided to call it quits that I didn’t want that dream any more, and it took a little while before I found a new dream.

These things happen for a reason. If I didn’t find a new dream, I wouldn’t have started a new show, and I wouldn’t have gotten to write a book based on that show. And writing a book was my dream since 7th grade, so I finally got to see that dream come true!

Dream big, podcast friends!







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