Podcasting Word of the Week: Commit

Now that 2019 is underway, time to honor your intentions of making 2019 an amazing year for both you and your podcast!


This week’s word is COMMIT.

In last week’s post, we took some time to rejuvenate your podcast, as well as yourself. Hopefully you thought about what changes you wanted to make to your show and how you can come to your audience as fresh as possible.

If you've taken a bit of a break from your show, now is the time to re-commit to it!

It’s so hard sometimes to go back to the grind after a long holiday. And you may still find yourself slow to start. But this is the perfect time to rev yourself up again and go back to your podcast stronger than ever before.

Need some ideas to help you commit?

  • Listen to early episodes to remember the commitment you felt in the very beginning.

  • Re-commit with your audience by posting something asking them a question on your show's social media, and then be sure to engage with them.

  • Commit to a schedule that works for you and your podcast.

  • Commit to your goals for your podcast in 2019. (Need help setting goals? Check out last year’s goal setting post!)

  • Commit to building trust with your audience. The best way to build trust is to make promises to your audience, then *COMMIT* to keeping them.

If you find yourself resisting the urge to commit to your podcast, maybe it’s time to take a step back and analyze if podcasting is still your passion. Maybe it’s time to commit to changing the format to something that suits you more—podcasts are not set in stone and you can change yours whenever you want.







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