Podcasting Word of the Week: Beauty

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."⁣

⁣Remember when you first had the idea for your podcast? Maybe the details were fuzzy, but you created an overall plan for your show. And it was beautiful.⁣

This week’s word is BEAUTY.


Last week, we talked about how to Cleanse your podcast of that which doesn’t serve you. And hopefully, you are left with the essentials that not only work in your favor but that you also find beautiful.

Does your show still hold beauty for you?⁣

⁣Some things to think about:⁣

  • Are you making a show you would listen to?⁣

  • Is the cover art, theme music, and branding pleasing to you?⁣

  • Are you putting your best self forward on your podcast?⁣

  • What little details do you appreciate about your podcast?⁣

  • Are you creating beauty with your podcast?

  • Do you find a really good edit a thing of beauty (or is that just me)?

Beauty isn't just about "looks." You know when something is truly beautiful because it also comes with a feeling. Maybe it's a feeling of excitement.⁣

When it comes to your podcast, making it appealing to you make it easier to keep the excitement up, and in order to market your podcast, you should be excited about it, right?⁣

Behind-the-scenes, there will also be things your audience may never know about or appreciate that you do. Take pride in the beauty of those things, like turning a 30 minute recording with a lot of stops and starts into an 18-minute episode that sounds flawless.

⁣This week, take some time to appreciate what you love about your podcast and take steps to change the things you're maybe less-than-pleased with.⁣







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