Podcasting Tips

Glossary of Podcasting Terms

Glossary of Podcasting Terms

Note: This glossary is for the newbie podcaster. Some terms listed are very specific to podcasting and may have other, more complex definitions outside of what’s presented here. I’ve kept it simple to avoid Information Overload as a beginner.

I’ll also be adding to this as time goes on. If you see anything I’ve missed, go ahead and put a comment below!

Podcasting Word of the Week: Release

Happy new year, podcasters!

I’m excited to announce that this year, I’m starting a series on Instagram and on this blog of Words of the Week.

You may have heard of picking a word or three for the year to focus on. Last year, I picked “Nourish” and it really helped me slow down and ask myself if things were nourishing to me or if they were holding me back or dragging me down.

But I also found myself wanting more variety, so I decided in 2019, I would be doing a word of the week, and because I want to share these with you, I’ve decided to relate them to podcasting.

Quick Tip: Stop Adding Keywords to Your Podcast Title and Author Tag

Quick Tip: Stop Adding Keywords to Your Podcast Title and Author Tag

Apple has been cracking down on podcasts using lots of keywords in their titles and author tags over the past few weeks. Podcasts have been removed and new podcasts have been rejected when submitting to Apple.

If you are using keywords in your show title or author tags or even subtitles with keywords, it's safer to remove them now rather than have Apple remove them.