Podcasting Word of the Week: Release

Happy new year, podcasters!

I’m excited to announce that this year, I’m starting a series on Instagram and on this blog of Words of the Week.

You may have heard of picking a word or three for the year to focus on. Last year, I picked “Nourish” and it really helped me slow down and ask myself if things were nourishing to me or if they were holding me back or dragging me down.

But I also found myself wanting more variety, so I decided in 2019, I would be doing a word of the week, and because I want to share these with you, I’ve decided to relate them to podcasting.

I’m Speaking Soon in Boston and Washington, DC!

I’m Speaking Soon in Boston and Washington, DC!

I’m really excited to be taking part in not one but TWO podcasting events in November on back-to-back weekends! I’m also excited that I’ll be traveling over the East Coast during the fall, my favorite season.

5 Icky Podcast Promotion Strategies — Are You Making These Mistakes?

5 Icky Podcast Promotion Strategies — Are You Making These Mistakes?

Let's get real for a minute.

Do you like when people come to your door to try to sell you something?

Do you enjoy when you're walking along the street and someone stops you to try to get you to take their flier or get you into their store?

Do you like pop-up ads?

Then stop spamming your podcast!

Here's the deal — I know your podcast is probably great. Your audience likes it. You're probably getting feedback from your listeners. But if you're constantly (keyword here is "constantly") throwing out your latest episode link on social media, to your friends, family, in your groups and all over the place, it may get you a few more listeners, but it's also going to annoy more people.

Quick Tip: No more iTunes! (Well, sort of ...)

Check your inbox because on January 31st, podcasters who submitted their shows to iTunes received an email from none other than Apple Podcasts with a few things they want to make sure you're aware of.

The main points of the email were:

  • Podcast Analytics Beta
  • Specification Update
  • Easier Podcast Submission for Hosting Partners
  • Apple Podcasts Badges

For the most part, the first three were pretty straightforward, but the fourth point is one that will take some getting used to for seasoned podcasters and new podcasters, alike.