6 Most Common Beginner Podcasting Questions (and the Answers)

6 Most Common Beginner Podcasting Questions (and the Answers)

I’ve started creating an Instagram Stories Highlight on my Instagram page for Frequently Asked Podcasting Questions, and as much as I love helping people when these questions are asked, I realized it would be a great resource to put the 5 most common questions in a blog post. So, enjoy!

Where should I host my podcast?

The four places I tell soon-to-be podcasters to look at for hosting are:

Depending on your podcasting needs, one of these may be better than the others.

My favorite, though, is Libsyn. It’s where I host my podcast and I use their free Podcast Page as the website for my show. (Want to see how I set up my Libsyn website? Click here to watch the video.)

Want to try Libsyn free? Use the code EMILY when you sign up!

Introduction to GetVokl for Podcasting

Introduction to GetVokl for Podcasting

You guys … YOU GUYS! I am all sorts of giddy right now!

You know how I sometimes warn podcasters about Shiny Object Syndrome and not going all out for the newest tool for podcasters? Well, I’m kind of throwing that out the window (temporarily, at least).

If you remember Blab that shut down in 2016 (RIP Blab), you may remember this amazing live video platform where you could have a chat room, record podcasts, bring in guests easily, and you could join via mobile app. Unfortunately, Blab is no more.

But after years of its legacy hanging around, I was so happy to have been introduced to GetVokl and talk to Alex today from the company!

FREEBIE: Turn Your Podcast Into a Book Brainstorming Workbook

FREEBIE: Turn Your Podcast Into a Book Brainstorming Workbook

I’m finally making my Podcast-to-Book Brainstorming Workbook available for you to download, print, and fill out!

I’ve given talks about doing just that with my own podcast, The Story Behind, at DC Podfest and will be talking about it this coming Friday (eek!) at Podfest Multimedia Expo! I’ve also talked about it on the amazing podcast Content10x recently.

When I was writing my book, I wished I had a workbook to keep my thoughts in order, but one thing that helped me a lot was being asked by my publisher to come up with a formal proposal that included the topics I wanted to write about, my audience and their demographics, formatting details I wanted in the book, etc.

I used some of those elements of my proposal when coming up with this short workbook and I hope you find it helpful!