Quick Tip: Stop Adding Keywords to Your Podcast Title and Author Tag

Apple has been cracking down on podcasts using lots of keywords in their titles and author tags over the past few weeks. Podcasts have been removed and new podcasts have been rejected when submitting to Apple.

If you are using keywords in your show title or author tags or even subtitles with keywords, it's safer to remove them now rather than have Apple remove them.

Previously, my podcast title and Author tag was "The Story Behind | The Extraordinary History of the Ordinary" by Emily Prokop, Trivia Nerd. I wanted to come up when someone searched for "History," "Trivia," and "Nerd." But I've more recently taken those down.

Now my podcast title and Author tag are simply "The Story Behind" by Emily Prokop.

Takeaway: Think carefully about your title and don't try to game the system by using keywords. Make sure you're promoting yourself and your podcast title, especially if the title is not very common or a made up word.

My go-to example when talking about podcasting is "CoffeePreneur." Before, I would tell clients if they are going to go with a made-up word no one would know to look for to add a sub-title, like "Marketing and Business Tips for Coffee Sellers."

HOWEVER, I'm changing that recommendation for the time being.

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