I’m Speaking Soon in Boston and Washington, DC!

I’m really excited to be taking part in not one but TWO podcasting events in November on back-to-back weekends! I’m also excited that I’ll be traveling over the East Coast during the fall, my favorite season.

Sound Education at Harvard University
Boston, Mass.—Nov. 1-3, 2018

Sound Education is a conference for educators and instructors interested in using podcasting for education.

Thursday, Nov. 1 will be a day of workshops that will hopefully help new podcasters learn the craft of storytelling and finding your voice, hosted by Eric Nuzem from PRX’s Podcast Garage. At night, there will be a live performance of Nate DiMeo’s The Memory Palace, and a Kickoff Party.


Friday, Nov. 2, will be the conference, including the panel I’m on. There will be a number of panels featuring podcasters from radio, academics, to DIYers (like myself). See the full schedule here.

The panel I’ll be on is Audio Teaching Strategies: History, which “will discuss the tried and true strategies of packaging history into audio programs--ones that work regardless of your historical period, funding, or organizational structure.” The panel is hosted by Liz Covart of Ben Franklin’s World, and featuring Nate DiMeo of Memory Palace, Patrick Wyman or The Fall of Rome and Tides of History, Roifield Brown of Agora Network, and David Stenhouse of Backstory.

I’m so excited to be among these amazing podcasters (and I’ll try to contain my giddiness when I meet Nate, who will forever be the voice of Charles Manson from You Must Remember This for me).

Thank you so much to Liz Covart for reaching out to me to be on the panel to talk about my show, The Story Behind.

Saturday, Nov. 3, will feature a festival which is open to the general public, featuring educational audio producers. (Not sure I can swing two days in a row in Boston, since I’ll be going to DC the next weekend, so I will probably only be there on Friday.)

But if you’re in the Boston area, definitely head over and meet podcasters like Dan Carlin from Hardcore History, Julie Shapiro from Radiotopia, and so many more! I also know some of my favorite people in podcasting will be there, including Jessica Kupferman from Podcast Websites and Chris Krimitsos from Podfest.

Can’t go but want to follow along? Check out the hashtag #SoundEdu18.

DC Podfest at Space The Artisphere
Arlington, Va.—Nov. 9-10, 2018

DC Podfest is a two-day event with speakers, panels, and workshops for podcasters of all levels. It’s also a great networking opportunity to meet other podcasting. (I kind of get grossed out by the term “networking,” because with podcasters, it’s really more like finding fellow geeks to geek out with about how much we love talking into a microphone.)

Emily Prokop Speaking DC Podfest

I’m so excited to be doing a presentation about Turning Your Podcast Into a Book, filled with a lot of the lessons I learned from taking my podcast, The Story Behind, and writing a book based on it. I’ll be going through the steps to take from beginning to think about turning your podcast into a book through the actual writing to some marketing, and tying everything into using your podcast to turn listeners into readers and vice-versa, turning book readers into podcast listeners.

Other speakers I’m excited to be seeing are Josh Hallmark from Our Americana, Adela Mizrachi of the Podcast Brunch Club, Sarah Rhea Werner from Girl in Space and Write Now, Deana Marie from Twisted Philly, Dave Jackson from School of Podcasting, and I get to spend another weekend in a row with Jessica Kupferman from Podcast Websites and Chris Krimitsos from Podfest.

Last year at DC Podfest, I was just getting E Podcast Productions started. As in, I found out I was going to be laid off from my full-time job the week before and realized I wanted to make podcasting my career, so I had about a week to put together a website and some business cards and I got so much inspiration and encouragement from DC Podfest, plus getting to meet some of my favorite podcasting people in person, including many of those listed above.

Can’t go but want to follow along? Check out the hashtag #DCPodfest.

want to get a taste for what these events are like?

Many ask if going to podcasting events like these are worth it. In my opinion, absolutely yes. If it doesn’t break the bank for you to go, it’s awesome to be able to go to these events, which are a bit smaller and more localized (shout out to Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference for also being a great local podcast event I enjoy). It’s awesome to meet podcasters who I know are only a few hours from me, since sometimes it feels like I’m the only one in my immediate circle of friends and family with a podcast.

If you’re looking for events near you, check out Meetup.com or ask around in podcasting Facebook groups for people near you.

But if you’re looking to get an idea of what these events in particular are like, I’ll be putting pictures up on my Instagram and Facebook page of each! So make sure you’re following me there. And if you’re attending these events, please come say hi! Can’t wait to meet you!

PS—I’m also hoping to attend Podfest in Orlando, Fla., March 7-9, if you’re trying to plan for upcoming podcast events.







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