Review: RODECaster Pro and Rode PodMic (Unboxing)


I was contacted by Rode to review one of the biggest excitements in the world of podcasting gear right now: The RODECaster Pro and the RODE PodMic!

Enjoy a cat who loves the camera, new gadget smell, and buttons!

Thanks to Rode ( for sending me the RODECaster Pro and RODE PodMic for review!

RØDECaster Pro info:

RØDE PodMic info:

This is the unboxing and the full review will come shortly.

But when this HUGE box arrived at my house, I wanted to share (plus, enjoy the new electronics smell). And, yes, I got to take the plastic off the screen.

This was recorded using my Google Pixel 2 and the phone's microphone, cleaned up a bit with Auphonic and Izotope RX6.

It's definitely not great audio quality (hello, reverb!), but I wouldn't have had enough room down in my studio for this big box!

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review from Rode.






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