What to Bring to a Podcasting Conference

If you’ve ever been to summer camp, you remember the first day back the next summer and seeing all your friends again after almost a year. Well, as a podcast, you get to relive that feeling at podcasting conferences!


I consider the conferences mini-vacations for me, which probably means I’m in the right profession, since work isn’t supposed to be this fun, right?

But if you’ve never been before, you may find yourself worried about what to pack and bring with you for your first. Here are some of my favorite items to bring when I go to podcasting conferences.

Business Cards

When you go to conventions, people are going to meet you and get to know you. If they like you enough, they may want to get in touch with you. Especially at podcasting conferences, people are making connections for future guests and collaborators. At Podcast Movement, they had QR codes on name badges so you could see who you connected with if you had scanned their QR code into the app for the conference.


However if something like that isn’t available, having a business card with your podcast name, website, and email address is essential carry around with you. I keep mine in a small makeup bag, similar to this one. I also collect business cards from others’ in the same bag so I don’t lose them.

Don’t have podcast business cards? No worries! You can get them cheaply and quickly from places like Staples, or you can order them from places like VistaPrint or Moo.

Portable Charger

When I was at DC Podfest in 2018, I realized I had left my phone charger back at the AirBnB I was staying at. No problem, I thought, my Google Pixel has pretty good battery life.

Well, it didn’t, and my phone died as I was trying to order an Uber to where I was meeting some friends. Luckily, I was able to get there, but I was kicking myself for not bringing my charger.

This charger from Anker is one of my favorite things to travel with, since it plugs right into the wall to charge itself, as well as provides a charging whatever is plugged into it. Once it’s unplugged from the wall, it becomes a portable charging block.

Laptop Tray

I bought this because when I started editing for others because it’s so much easier to edit using a mouse instead of the track pad on my laptop. Luckily, I found this laptop tray and I absolutely cannot travel without it now!

This has made traveling and editing so much easier and it’s surprising how often you’ll use it. I even used it this summer to edit while outside! When I took the train to Boston for Sound Education in 2018, I loved using my tray in addition to the seat tray because it gave me a bit more room to work with.

Extra Layers

This year will be my first year at Podfest Multimedia Expo and I am so excited about it! One thing I’ve learned from conferences is most hotels like to crank the AC! This is fine if you’re running around, but some of the conference rooms can get a little cold and I like having an extra layer.

One of my favorite hoodies I own is this Podcaster Hoodie, designed by my friend Mark Des Cotes over at The Resourceful Designer!

Podcast Gear/Merch


You’re going to meet a lot of people, some of whom may be the perfect audience for your show. While it may feel weird wearing merch with your own show’s name on it, plenty of people do it! And it’s a fun way to be remembered.

Sites like TeePublic, RedBubble, or Teespring can help you create custom print-on-demand merch for your podcast. You can set up shops for your listeners to shop, or find something to get your show name on to wear or use around the conference to help people get to recognize your branding and/or artwork.

I have a tote bag I end up carrying around, which also comes in handy for all the swag I get from the vendor tables!

Podcast On The Go

I have brought my recorder and microphone with me to every conference I go to, although I’ve never done an actual interview. However, it’s always good to be prepared. In fact, it came in handy when I needed


Samson Q2U - https://amzn.to/2THSJpm

XLR Cord - https://amzn.to/2GD3LZf

Zoom H5 / Zoom H6

SD Card

What’s in my tote bag?

I usually carry my tote bag around with me while attending sessions at conferences. In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, I also have:

  • Umbrella

  • Sunglasses

  • Pens/Sharpie

  • Lip balm

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks

And don’t forget …

Your elevator pitch! Do you have an answer for when someone says, “Tell me about your podcast”?

An elevator pitch is a quick sentence or two describing your podcast to someone who has never heard of it before.

Happy travels, podcaster friends! Hope to see you at a podcasting conference soon!







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