Introduction to GetVokl for Podcasting

You guys … YOU GUYS! I am all sorts of giddy right now!

You know how I sometimes warn podcasters about Shiny Object Syndrome and not going all out for the newest tool for podcasters? Well, I’m kind of throwing that out the window (temporarily, at least).

If you remember Blab that shut down in 2016 (RIP Blab), you may remember this amazing live video platform where you could have a chat room, record podcasts, bring in guests easily, and you could join via mobile app. Unfortunately, Blab is no more.

But after years of its legacy hanging around, I was so happy to have been introduced to GetVokl and talk to Alex today from the company!

Here are some great things GetVokl has going for it:

  • It’s free (let’s be honest, podcasters are always looking for the best deals).

  • They emphasize community first and discoverability.

  • You can follow your friends on the platform and see what they’re watching and join them.

  • You can share a link to what you’re watching or your stream to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and via email.

  • You can have up to four people.

  • You can lock the seats so no one unauthorized can join.

  • There’s a build-in chat (yes, you can put clickable links in the chat).

  • You have control over who joins and can comment.

  • You can stream live to Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope SIMULTANEOUSLY.

  • You can get your audio and/or video recording after to use as a podcast or post to YouTube or your Social Media.

  • You can integrate it with your Patreon — meaning you can pick which tiers can see your Broadcasts and monetize!

  • You can schedule your Broadcast and send a link for people to watch.

  • When you schedule a Broadcast, those who want to watch it later can add it to their online calendars (Apple, Google, Outlook, Yahoo).

  • Enable your channel as a hangout so people can continue to chat even when nothing is streaming on video

  • You can use OBS for things like overlays or screen-sharing or multiple camera angles.

  • *As of April 29, 2019 — Presenter Mode is now available! Window sizes can be customized to create a bigger screen for screen-sharing or to spotlight a guest and a smaller screen for the host.

Here are some things I found out were coming in the future:

  • Being able to go live on Twitch (and possibly Instagram, but that may be further away)

  • A guest queue

  • Local recording capabilities

  • Recording on separate tracks for each guest (as a podcast editor, I am jumping for joy over this!)

  • High Quality Video downloads

  • For right now, chats for the live videos on Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube are not integrated, but that may be something to look for in the future.

One thing I will say that kind of slows down my excitement is the fact that it’s free. I know podcasters LOVE our free things, but a lot of really great shiny new tools like this have come and gone because monetizing wasn’t something that was put forth as a priority for the company. That was my first question when I talked to Alex from GetVokl. For now, it is VC-backed, and they are taking care to really create this platform consciously and methodically in order to keep it sustainable.

For right now, the community aspect is their priority, as well as stability of the platform.

I am incredibly impressed with how receptive Alex and the GetVokl team are to feedback and things people want to see, and I’m excited to watch it grow.

Need more resources for GetVokl? Check out their resource guide for things like using OBS, overlays, screensharing, etc.

Want to see more? Check out my Introduction video below and how it can be used for podcasters.

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