How RSS Feeds Work and Why Podcast Hosting Companies Are Important

Confused about how an RSS feed works? Wondering why you need a hosting company for your podcast? Confused about submitting to Apple Podcasts?

I have a water experiment that will hopefully clear things up. (Plus, I've always wanted to be a Zoom kid, but this is probably the closest I'll get.)

(By the way, yes, I know my sweater is inside out, LOL! I didn't realize it until I was editing and the science experiment was all cleaned up.)

Your hosting company (in my example, I use Libsyn — use the promo code EMILY to get one month free) is where the information about your podcast is stored: Podcast Title, Cover Art, Author Name, Description, Tags, etc. It's also where you upload your first episode before even submitting your RSS feed to Apple Podcasts or any other podcast app for distribution.


Once you set all that up, you would submit your RSS feed URL (in Libsyn, it's under Destinations in your Dashboard) to Apple Podcasts and other podcast apps.

**NOTE: You also need to set up your RSS Feed in Destinations → Libsyn Classic Feed → Edit**

Once your RSS feed is approved (which can take as little as a few hours up to a week - be patient!), your show will be distributed to podcast apps.

Every time you add a new episode and publish them to your feed through your hosting company, they will automatically go out to podcast apps that you've submitted your RSS Feed URL to.


  • Bottle: Hosting Company

  • Liquid: Information about your show + your episode(s)

  • Straw: RSS Feed

  • Purple Wine Glass: Apple Podcasts

  • Other Cups: Other Podcast Apps

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