FREEBIE: Turn Your Podcast Into a Book Brainstorming Workbook

I’m finally making my Podcast-to-Book Brainstorming Workbook available for you to download, print, and fill out!

I’ve given talks about doing just that with my own podcast, The Story Behind, at DC Podfest and will be talking about it this coming Friday (eek!) at Podfest Multimedia Expo! I’ve also talked about it on the amazing podcast Content10x recently.

When I was writing my book, I wished I had a workbook to keep my thoughts in order, but one thing that helped me a lot was being asked by my publisher to come up with a formal proposal that included the topics I wanted to write about, my audience and their demographics, formatting details I wanted in the book, etc.

I used some of those elements of my proposal when coming up with this short workbook and I hope you find it helpful!

This will also help you keep up your excitement. There was a period while writing my own book that I couldn’t remember the excitement I first had and I wished I could. Impostor Syndrome took a MAJOR hold on me.

That’s why I think having a workbook you can come back to can help you keep up your enthusiasm!

I hope you find this workbook useful, and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@emilypeckprokop) if you’ve filled it out and want to show it off!


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