Introduction to GetVokl for Podcasting

Introduction to GetVokl for Podcasting

You guys … YOU GUYS! I am all sorts of giddy right now!

You know how I sometimes warn podcasters about Shiny Object Syndrome and not going all out for the newest tool for podcasters? Well, I’m kind of throwing that out the window (temporarily, at least).

If you remember Blab that shut down in 2016 (RIP Blab), you may remember this amazing live video platform where you could have a chat room, record podcasts, bring in guests easily, and you could join via mobile app. Unfortunately, Blab is no more.

But after years of its legacy hanging around, I was so happy to have been introduced to GetVokl and talk to Alex today from the company!

Podcasting Word of the Week: Cleanse

Happy early Spring! This week, the Vernal Equinox is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and what better way to celebrate than with a little spring cleaning!

That's why this week's Podcasting Word of the Week is CLEANSE.

Last week, we talked about Intuition and how the more you podcast, the more you develop your Podcast Intuition. This works hand-in-hand with “Spring Cleaning” your podcast.

There will always be a good time to release that which doesn't serve you and many people use Spring Cleaning as an excuse for this. If you haven't already gotten on the Marie Kondo/KonMari Method bandwagon, no worries; here's a Podcast Cleaning crash course.

Podcasting Word of the Week: Intuition

I picked the word INTUITION as this week's word because when I saw the date was 3/11, I immediately thought of the band 311 and "You've got to trust your instincts ..." lyrics.

Don't judge! The '90s music scene was amazing!

Anyway, I picked intuition, thinking I could use "instinct" and "intuition" interchangeably. Turns out, instincts are more biologically-based, meaning we have instincts as soon as we are born. Intuition, on the other hand, is an accumulated belief. This is something you learn over time or you learn enough about similar things to be able to guide you when it comes to a new situation.

Last week, we talked about having Hope for your podcast to find just the right listener, and in order to do that, you have to build your knowledge of the show you create, which, in turn, builds your intuition about the direction the show should go.

FREEBIE: Turn Your Podcast Into a Book Brainstorming Workbook

FREEBIE: Turn Your Podcast Into a Book Brainstorming Workbook

I’m finally making my Podcast-to-Book Brainstorming Workbook available for you to download, print, and fill out!

I’ve given talks about doing just that with my own podcast, The Story Behind, at DC Podfest and will be talking about it this coming Friday (eek!) at Podfest Multimedia Expo! I’ve also talked about it on the amazing podcast Content10x recently.

When I was writing my book, I wished I had a workbook to keep my thoughts in order, but one thing that helped me a lot was being asked by my publisher to come up with a formal proposal that included the topics I wanted to write about, my audience and their demographics, formatting details I wanted in the book, etc.

I used some of those elements of my proposal when coming up with this short workbook and I hope you find it helpful!

Podcasting Word of the Week: Hope

Here in New England, we are pretty much DONE with winter. It was nice, but we’re getting restless. Sometimes, you may feel like this with your podcast, except instead of winter, it seems the work of putting out a show every week is never-ending.

So why do it?

One word: HOPE, which is this week’s podcasting word!

Last week, we talked about Wonder and how we can create that feeling for our listeners so they are excited about us and our podcast and/or business.

But what about those of us who feel like we can’t get to that level because we don’t have the interaction with our audience like that yet?

Podcasting Word of the Week: Express

Who are you? When you get behind that microphone, are you speaking with your real voice? Or the voice you think your audience wants to hear?

This week’s word is EXPRESS..

Last week, we talked about the Love you should feel for your podcast and your audience. But true love only comes when we are willing to EXPRESS who we are to others.

What to Bring to a Podcasting Conference

What to Bring to a Podcasting Conference

If you’ve ever been to summer camp, you remember the first day back the next summer and seeing all your friends again after almost a year. Well, as a podcast, you get to relive that feeling at podcasting conferences!

I’m really not a workaholic, but I consider the conferences mini-vacations for me, which probably means I’m in the right profession, since work isn’t supposed to be this fun, right?

But if you’ve never been before, you may find yourself worried about what to pack and bring with you for your first. Here are some of my favorite items to bring when I go to podcasting conferences.