About Me

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  • I am a passionate podcaster and podcast listener. My show, The Story Behind, has more than 100 episodes and was nominated for The Academy of Podcasters’ Awards in 2017 for Best History Podcast and a Webby Award for Best Series in 2019.

  • I love brainstorming ideas and talking about podcasting (I could do it for hours, if someone lets me). I love helping people craft their stories and messages in a way that keeps podcasting fun for them, while being able to spread their message to their ideal listeners.

  • When I started podcasting, I found I was one of the few who actually enjoyed editing and the craft of turning raw audio into a tight, informative podcast. I’ve had more than 10 years editing experience in print journalism, so this made perfect sense for me to be able to transfer those skills into audio.

  • I'm that friend who's always talking about something she heard on a podcast.

Emily is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and understands podcasting.

I’m very happy with her re-edit of an intro I received from an artist which had quite a few audio faux-pas. Emily took the time to take apart the original audio and enhance my intro to a professional sounding intro, which creates a great start to my podcast episodes!
— Elikqitie, Travel Gluten Free

My Podcast

The Story Behind

I host a short, narrative-style history and trivia podcast called The Story Behind that covers the histories behind everyday objects.

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